We offer additional services for Amazon Sellers


FBA/FBM issues, inventory and shipments management, communication with Amazon team, ungating categories etc.

Price is $150 per hour


We will scan all our inventory and find most profitable items, which you can sell on Amazon today. Report provides the following data: ASINs, UPC, current prices on every listing, Net profit + ROI, BSR,  BuyBox Seller Type, Amazon activity and other useful information.

For our customers – FREE


  • “Hidden” listings report. These types of listings don’t have UPC, so Amazon sellers can’t find these listings easily using a UPC as a search request. On these listings Amazon doesn’t sell and much less FBA sellers on it. Report provides hidden listings after scanning Amazon database. You can choose any category and BSR range. Most effective BSR range is from 1 to 300,000. This report is really exclusive.
    Prices vary, please contact us
  • Your competitor listings report. This report provides 2400 best selling products of any seller on Amazon. Report provides a list of ASINs with BSR. Price is $100 for 1 report (1 competitor)
  • Best selling products in any category. This report provides 100,000 best selling products in a category you choose. Price is $100 for 1 report
  • Custom parameters listings search. We can make a search in all categories with the following parameters:
    – title (for a example, Harry Potter or Hand Cream);
    – no Amazon offers;
    – no FBA offers;
    – FBM/FBA price range.

    This report provides 100,000 best selling products with parameters you need.
    Prices vary, please contact us

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