How we work with our clients

Before making an order you have to register and get your client ID.
Please, sign up here.


Check our stock, choose items you want to purchase and send us a quote.

After we receive your quote and confirm it, we will send you a proforma. Average leading time varies from 5 days to 10 days after we receive a payment.


When we have your order in our warehouse we check every item and inform you that everything is ready to start a shipping process. IF YOU DON’T NEED OUR PREPARATION SERVICES, WE CAN SHIP YOUR ORDER DIRECTLY TO YOU!

You create a shipment in your Amazon Seller Central and send us the following information:
– shipment labels in PDF file;
– boxes content information Excel file, which you download from Prepare Shipment tab;
– shipment content screenshot with FNSKU.

We pack all items in boxes, complete the boxes content information file with boxes weights and dimensions and send it back to you.

You upload the file in Seller Central and send us shipping labels.

Please check here how we prepare your goods for a shipping to Amazon.

We put shipping labels on boxes and drop off at a carrier. A carrier provides us with a confirmation receipt, which we send to you immediately by email.


When a job is done, we provide you with a report, which consists of the following data:
– photos of unpacked items;
– photos of packed items;
– a carrier confirmation receipt.